Xenca – Going for Gold at Hockey World Cup

With just a few days to go until the start of the 7th Grand Masters Hockey World Cup in The Hague from the 4th – 13th June. Xenca’s Marketing Director David Butler officially handed over the new Xenca Shirts to Peter Crayford, the Manager of the England Great Grand Masters Hockey Team in preparation for England going for Gold again at The Hague.

England Hockey GGM  Xenca 3

Xenca Director David Butler officially hands over the new Xenca Shirts to Peter Crayford (left)

David spent the day at Chichester Hockey Club this weekend watching the players, warm up and practice and then spent time with Physiotherapist, Jason Redding, who is keeping the players in top form and making sure they take their Xenca Revitalise Collagen every day.

England Hockey GGM  Xenca_00001_2

Warming up Xenca style

England Hockey GGM  Xenca 1

Although David joined in for the team photograph (can you spot the odd one out?) he is disqualified from joining the team as the veteran players are all over 65; which as David says “Of course I was far too young! …you soon forget their age when watching their speed and stamina.”

England Hockey GGM Xenca_00027

Serious padding needed despite the heat

He adds, “It’s a bit hot for all this padding up – but its needed when you have balls flying at you at 80 miles an hour!”

David also spoke to a Veteran Master (that’s the over 75’s) and they want to try out the collagen after hearing the positive feedback from the Great Grand Masters Team.

England Hockey GGM  Xenca_00082

The England Hockey Master Pins

As a thank you David and Xenca received England Hockey Masters pins, thank you Grand Masters Hockey Team for a very enjoyable day.

From all of us at Xenca, good Luck for winning another gold medal.

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