Xenca, ahead of the industry again!

Over its short history Xenca has always been at the forefront of its industry and business innovation. It has consistently punched above its weight. When it was being set up we were told “you won’t do it” but the industry stood by and watched it happen. Now it’s time to do it again. The meeting on the 28th Jan will be no exception where once again it will be leading the industry in what it’s about to do.
This meeting will be FREE to all. Xenca will be making some special and innovative announcements benefitting their associates including making them immediately more profitable thus keeping them once again in the forefront of the industry. This is the one meeting NOT to be missed. It equates to pushing Xenca from Stevenson’s Rocket to the High Speed Bullet train in one leap.
This meeting will not only be open to all associates but will also welcome guests, prospects, new members, family and friends and any interested parties – in short, open to anyone who has a desire to learn about Xenca and who wants to learn how to build a Xenca business of their own.

Come one, come all, come everyone and join us on the 28th January 2018.

Time and Place..

1pm – 5pm

Park Suite,
The Grange Hotel,
Mercury Bristol North,
Old Gloucester Road,
BS36 1RP

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