The New Xenca Landing Page

Xenca Landing Page

The new landing page really is a revolutionary step for Xenca.

In today’s modern society the first place most people go for information is the Internet. We know that there is already a lot out there on Xenca. So, when you are talking to someone and they want to know more, what better and easier way is there than to send them to a webpage where all the benefits of becoming an Associate are listed! Think of how many people are in your e-mail address book and on your social media. Not only that but they input their details and the system sends your contact regular emails to further promote the benefits of becoming an Associate. Xenca’s New Landing Page does it for you. We couldn’t make it easier.

Have a look at the company Landing Page: Get to know what’s on it. Yours will be just like this but linked to your own personal website. What could be easier? It really doesn’t get any simpler to introduce new people to Xenca!

How do you find your personal Landing Page?

Your very own page is available for you to use at…your shop ID/find-out-more where “your shop ID” is replaced by your own shop ID.

Put your details into your page, get the Free eBook and have a look, making sure your links are working properly.

You can also set up short links to help promote the free eBook you are offering at, for example,

The picture below shows the first part of the Landing Page. This consists of a short video and a page for your contact to fill in their details to order their FREE e-book. Scrolling down shows some of the people we have been working with, testimonials and a wealth of information. Further down are three more great videos.

Most of the work is done for you.  Now all that is needed is to send it out to people. It could not be any simpler. They will get a FREE e-book and automatic follow up e‑mails over the next weeks to keep them interested and answer more questions.

Now you have the best tool out there to grow your business.

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