The British Weather is Robbing Your Child of Vitamin D


Whilst waiting for an appointment today, I picked up a copy of Heat and had a flick though, spotting inside the back cover, a feature about The Vitamin D Mission, by The NHS Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

From the feature: “The sun is one of the main sources of Vitamin D which is essential for children’s growth and bone development. But it’s difficult for them to get the full amount as it’s not so sunny here! That’s why getting vitamin D into your child’s diet is so important. The average toddler only gets 27% of their daily dietary Vitamin D. It’s our mission to make sure they get their 100%.

Vitamin D is not just important for children. James MacDonald, Xenca’s Nutritional Advisor explains the importance of Vitamin D for everybody;

“Vitamin D is involved in multiple repair and maintenance functions, it is involved in the functioning & processes of literally thousands of different genes.

It regulates the immune system, by helping your body fight infections as well as fight off chronic inflammation.

Vitamin D produces over 200 anti-microbial peptides, the most important of which is cathelicidin, a naturally occurring broad-spectrum antibiotic.

This is one of the explanations for why it’s so effective against colds and influenza. In addition, since vitamin D also modulates (balances) your immune response, it can prevent an overreaction in the form of inflammation, which can lead to a variety of autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease for example.

When you consider the fact that you only have about 25,000 genes in your body, and vitamin D has been shown to influence nearly 3,000 of them, the bigger picture of its true impact on your health can be easily understood. It may, in fact, have literally thousands of health benefits!”

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