Off the pitch with the England GGMs

Hockey Magazine Article by Peter Crayford (England Manager)

I thought it might interest everyone to share two initiatives that we introduced in this last campaign to The Hague.

As many will know we started working with Jason Redding an Integrated sports medicine specialist at the European Cup in Belgium and again prior to and during this World Cup. He specialises in providing Western natural therapies and Japanese natural medicine.

I wanted the squad to be fully fit, allowing them to train effectively before the tournament and for the management team to be able to get informed decisions on player fitness at all times.

At the trials back in November, having asked individuals to let me know if they had injury issues I asked Jason to let me know which players he could see were carrying injuries. Two mentioned they had worries but Jason came back to me and gave me at least 15 he could see were injured. When these were approached subsequently they all admitted they had something wrong. In most if not all of the cases he was able to correct these there and then. We all carry injuries and keep playing but what was extremely interesting was that he was able to tell me the players and the issues without even meeting them!

Having worked with us in Belgium he fully aware of the nature of the problems we have as hockey players and it’s interesting to talk to him about them and the particular exercises we should all be doing, that are hockey specific.

He attended three of our five pre- tournament training sessions and undertook an initial diagnosis with all of the squad at session one. Subsequently he was able to treat any injuries that occurred before or after the sessions. He was available for all on the phone 24/7 if they had any worries. In fact in the 10 days before the World Cup we had 3 players phone me with grave concerns intimating there was a possibility they might have to drop out. I asked them all to discuss with Jason. One was asked to try and get to him for treatment, which he was able to and the others just to get to The Hague and he would sort them there. All three participated fully in the tournament. I found it invaluable to be able to discuss any concerns that players had prior to match selection.

There was a very interesting comment made by him, in the Hague, as a consequence of working with us before the tournament:  “As a result of working with you I found, compared to other individuals, that the squad members had a far quicker recovery time, muscle tissue was softer/ tendons and ligaments more relaxed, which meant that you were less likely to sustain an injury / strain or pulled muscle”. Food for thought for all us players.


A second development came as a result of working with a company by the name of Xenca. Jason had been in touch with them for 6 months. We approached them in terms of support not only in terms of the use of their products but also in terms of sponsorship of some kind. As a consequence they paid for our training tops and provided every member of the squad with Collagen three months prior and during the World Cup. It is a primary structural protein in the body. From the age of 25 the human body undergoes a gradual degradation due to ageing; bones lose calcium; skin loses texture and muscles lose their strength. One of the benefits that interested us was that it is purported to help combat joint pain and arthritis. At our last training session at Chichester the Marketing Director David Butler came down and spent most of the Saturday with us and was really impressed by our professionalism and standard of play. He took the chance to talk to everyone and individuals gave him honest feedback on whether they felt it had been beneficial. Some of the interviews you will see on YouTube if you enter “xenca hockey”. You’ll enjoy Bill Goodridge’s

I think it is fair to say that both parties are really pleased to be working together and as a result they have agreed to set up a hockey special website for us:, where we can access their products. They in return will give us a percentage of the purchases, to support us on a continuing basis. One additional product I have found is CoQ 10 which helps all of us who take statins to reduce the side-affects.

I am happy to let you know of this site not only because there are products that you might find of benefit to you and your friends but because many of us have used Collagen and continue to buy as we have felt definite benefits. If you can spread the word through family, friends, fellow club members, whatever age etc. we will all get hopefully health and money benefits from Xenca’s support.

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