Last year Bronze, 2016 Silver…next year Gold?

England GGM - Xenca Annotated

Well done to all the Great Grand Masters team for bringing home the Silver Medal from Australia, and in the final against the Australians – no mean feat!

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Take a look at the article below from Peter Crayford, who many of you Associates now know. Peter is the Manager of the England GGM Hockey Squads and responsible for bringing it all together. Everyone at Xenca would like to send their congratulations to all the squad….



The chance to go fossicking for Gold in Australia does not come often in one’s life and when the envelope confirming my selection for the Squad to go Down Under for the Golden Globe arrived I was naturally delighted.

At the last World Cup in Holland England Over 65’s took home the Bronze. We knew that travelling all that way down under and with members missing from our European Cup winning squad at Southgate, this was going to make the campaign very challenging. As a manager it was certainly my most difficult campaign.


The squad selected to go to Australia was depleted by some of the European Cup winning players at Southgate being unavailable. This opened up an opportunity for the new members to put down their marker.

For others it was a chance to visit family members who had arrived many years before. Some on chartered boats at no cost to themselves for stealing a loaf of bread or poaching a pheasant or two from my ancestral home.

It is interesting to note that the characteristics of the present squad might easily have seen them in Australia 200 years ago. Some would have been transported for heinous crimes, some seeking their fortune, some as adventure seekers and politicians!

There were 9 teams in the competition so there was one pool of 5 and another of 4. We ended up in the pool of 4 and having to play Australia twice! As you can imagine things got very political.


After the one day of rain we had experienced in Australia it was with fear and trepidation we ventured to the Ground for the opening Ceremony. Here we were greeted with glorious sunshine and a greeting we will remember for many a year.

We were led into Pitch one proudly carrying the England Board. Here we were joined by 41 other teams making a magnificent backdrop to the Ceremony

Then Dancers and Didgeridoo players from Callaghan College entertained us with traditional performances followed by the Australian National Anthem sung by the pupils of Waratah Primary School.

Then Awabakal Elder, Aunty June made a fine speech with many historical details.


Our pool results were: loss to Australia 1-2 on the 4th May; win v Scotland 7-0 on 5th May; win v Japan 6-0 on 7th May and another 1-2 loss to Australia on 8th. Australia topped the pool and we were second.

We therefore played the top of the second pool in the semi’s which was New Zealand.

We beat them 4-2 after a few too many scares, setting up the final, another match against Australia!

It was a very keenly fought game as is always the way against Australia as I’m sure you can imagine, but we lost 0-1. On reflection, disappointed as we were it was an improvement on the bronze at the last world cup. We need to make sure we get Gold in Barcelona!

For me personally, 2 Silver Medals was the minimum I had hoped for but I now have to set about a having replacement knee. The price you pay!


XENCA for their supplies of Collagen which has sharpened our eyesight and improved our hair, and it goes without saying has helped speed up the repair of injuries collected throughout the season!


The memory is a vision taken by the heart and stored in a special place that lasts forever.

All the best

Peter Crayford


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