Hockey Masters World Cup Report from Jason Redding & Michelle Ravell – Sports Therapists to the England Hockey Masters

England Hockey GGM  Xenca 5

England Hockey GGM Team

We have been working with the over 65’s since October 2013 as the Sports Therapists to the England Hockey Masters.

We recommended Xenca Collagen Revitalise to the team in April 2014 and they began taking it daily in preparation for the World Cup in The Hague, they also have taken it throughout the tournament.

As a result we have noticed a marked improvement in their recovery from injury, as well as their muscle tone and tendon and ligament tensions.

At the World Cup Their reaction times and stamina on the pitch far surpassed many of the younger players in the over 60’s group. (Who we were also treating regularly throughout the tournament because of their injuries and fatigue, but were not taking Xenca Revitalise Collagen).

The over 65’s sustained no injuries throughout the entire World Cup that prevented them from playing, other than the occasional and expected groin, quad and hamstring  tensions which we  were able to correct easily and return them to the game.

The other teams and players asked about the GGM fitness routine as they had noticed how much the GGM performance had improved since the European cup last September.

The players remarked “that they feel that the Xenca Revitalise Collagen had played a positive role in their performance, as well as the treatments and nutritional advice we had given them in the run up and throughout the tournament”.

We continue to be very impressed by this product and it comes highly recommended by the England over 65’s Masters Hockey Team.


England GGM Win Bronze

Match Report (The Hague June 2014)

Semi- final stage:

England v Australia (1-1) Fulltime (4-5 penalties shoot-out)

The game opened with Australia getting all the play in the first quarter this was not like England at all to give this much away!

In the second quarter England dominated the play and took the lead.

So by half time England was 1-0 up.

The 3rd quarter all the calls was going in Australia’s favour, which then led them to score the equalizer 1-1 by the end of the 3rd quarter.

In the final 17mins England dominated the play and had all the chances put the game away and play for the Gold.

However, it was not going their way, and in last 2 minutes England had 3 clear  shots on goal missing each time just by a fraction so final score in normal time was 1-1.

Then it was Penalty shoot- out

Both teams have 5 attempts to score.

So this was England’s time to play for Gold again!!

All was going well until Greg Hutchins from the England team got taken out by the goal keeper so no goal.

After a few chosen words and an appeal, ‘No goal’ still stood.

Then Australia missed their chance so it was all square, then again the last attempt by England.

The ball hit the back plate of the goal and I could hear this from the side line huge uproar but for some reason it was overruled no goal, so England lost by one goal/ bad decision or something else?

Still it stands 3rd place, that’s a Bronze medal for England this time.

This all leads to the final – Australia v Holland.

The Australian team could do no more after they had played England over 65’s, so Holland won the Gold.

Match analysis by Jason Redding, Physiotherapist for the England GGM Team

England GGM Bronze Medal


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