“Health in a Box” Launch


We had a very enjoyable (and busy) day on Sunday 27th April in Bristol, with the launch of our Nutrition in a Box concept. For just £50, everything you need to start a Xenca Nutrition and Health Business is in the box, based on our Revitalise Collagen and Five a Day+ range, this unique concept enables anybody with an enthusiasm for good health to approach others, and build a successful business. Want to know more? Then do get in touch.

Don’t just take our word for it – this is what our Associates have said…

“An absolutely brilliant event. Lots of interesting facts to intrigue and inspire. All the work that has gone into the Health in a Box is priceless and will help us all become more confident about the core products we all use and love.” – Nicky Swallow

“It was such a great day. The enthusiasm and knowledge from all who spoke and thanks for all the hard work put into the Health in the Box. It is so helpful and gives us so much extra knowledge too. What was great about the day was to see so many people there too.. I learnt so much thank you to you all.” – Michele McCall

“Great opportunity to meet the organisers, who did a superb job, the Directors who delivered excellent presentations and the delegates who were all very enthused and itching to put their Health in a Box contents to good use. Can’t wait for the next event.” – Susan Rivers

“Great presentations. Thank you to David for the huge amount of work he has put into creating the health in the box presentation. It was really good to hear from James the nutrition course is well worth doing, I know I learnt such a lot and with the full accreditation coming that will be a huge bonus to all of us.” – Tim Cox

“Professional thorough and relaxed. Just as it should be.” – Richard Brain “I liked the fact that there were four speakers, and the content was really varied.” – Jo Webber

“I love the Nutrition in a Box concept, the buzz in the room was brilliant. The Box is easy to use and simple to follow, thank you Xenca for another great opportunity.” – Suzie Oulton

“I liked the fact that there were 4 speakers giving us a professional overview with excellent information on the varied subject matter in hand. The relaxed atmosphere in which it was run made everyone feel a genuine part of the team. The speakers were talking to us in a way which made it easy for us to ask questions there and then rather than it being a lecture making the launch of this latest tool for us to use interesting and informative as well as giving us the enthusiasm to “Go out there and do it”. – Clive Grievson

This is the latest amazing tool designed to get us started and help us develop a very rewarding Health & Wellbeing business with a large, happy and loyal customer base. The event is part of Xenca’s simple training system which enables any individual to develop significant, on-going profit and business expansion.


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