Happy Birthday – Xenca is two

April has been a month of celebrations and launches at Xenca. To celebrate our second birthday we launched our new website, we had exciting news on our Nutritional Diploma, we launched our Nutrition in a Box business concept, and Lester and Peta Feist made a surprise cake!


In just two short years the British company has developed a new brand of natural, effective and sensibly priced products designed to optimise inner health and visibly radiate vitality. We have added to our cornerstone ranges – Revitalise collagen and the superfood Five Day+ our natural Eternity skincare range and our totally organic and GMO free make up range Perfection, which is taking hold of this market by storm.


Our second birthday month also seemed the right time to launch our new customer friendly website, and we hope you agree it’s a vast improvement. We have improved the checkout facility, the payment gateway and also made the site easier to navigate. We would really appreciate your feedback on what you love about the new site; all feedback is welcome, good and bad.


Seeing double – not quite!

Just celebrating the second birthday of Xenca – see if you can spot our Technology Director Ken Radford, and Marketing Director David Butler in their Xenca Cars over the coming months!


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