Great Testimonial about the Xenca Products and the Xenca Business

Rachel Mitchell

Hi my name is Rachel Mitchell I was introduced to Xenca through a good friend who used the Xenca range.

I’d mentioned I was in considerable pain still six months later having had emergency decompression spinal surgery caused by an epidural abscess.  The treatment for discitis (swelling of the disc between the vertebras in my lumbar spine) had been intensive involving extremely high dosage of both intravenous antibiotics and oral for 3 months as the infection had spread into my muscle, bones and tendons.  This caused my hair to thin and fall out, my skin to become sensitive and flaky, and my nails so brittle they cracked across the nail beds.

I was taking a cocktail of pain killers, self-treating with numerous supplements with the aim of healing my body from within to be pain free and mobile.

When something unexpected, in my case also life threatening happens you realise how precious good health is!   Been unable to go on long daily walks with my Labrador in the beautiful Peak District where I live or play with my children was hard to bare!

I started taking Xenca Collagen and Five a Day + as recommended and have been staggered by the result within just over 5 weeks.  I do not need to take my pain killers, I am now pain free and walking an hour a day along with doing Pilates, Yoga which previously was too painful to even consider.  My hairdresser is amazed at the improvement in my hair, which is thickening, shiny and healthy.  My nails and skin have improved and with it my confidence.

I decided to join Xenca as I firmly believe in the products and will continue to take as a preventive from arthritis of the spine.

The business allows me to work at my own pace and fit in around my lifestyle.   The low start-up cost of £50 means anyone can start up a business.  Xenca have an extensive training system and support from the start.  Having worked in the public sector for twenty three years in nursing, education and life coaching, helping others has always been at the core of my beliefs.   To feel of value through earning my own income again, selling high quality natural products not tested on animals or using any animal’s products or containing any nasty chemicals is core to my personal ethics. Knowing this British Company which is growing rapidly can make a difference makes me proud to be part of!

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