“Five-a-Day” Health Product Could Keep New Year’s Resolutions on Track


Xenca is proud to announce the recent launch of Five a Day+V, a new vegan-friendly blend of super-green foods which could help keep healthy New Year resolutions on track all year long.

British nutrition and beauty company Xenca claim their super-green food products could make it easier to keep those healthy New Year’s resolutions all year long instead of ditching them along with the tinsel and the Christmas tree, as so many of us do.

Adding a blend of “super-greens” to your daily diet can give you more energy, curb your appetite for sugary snacks, improve your metabolism and help you detox.  These benefits can provide a helping hand to those who want to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle whilst reducing the need to rely on sheer willpower alone.

Each serving of Xenca’s aptly-named Five a Day+ range of green foods is formulated to deliver the equivalent nutritional value of at least 5 – 7 servings of organically grown, whole, fresh vegetables and fruit, but with just 12 calories.  Twenty-two nutrient-dense ingredients make up Five a Day+ V (the newly-launched vegan-friendly version of the product).  Between them, these ingredients deliver high levels of antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients and clinical studies, carried out on key ingredients by the universities of Utah and Ukraine, have shown their effectiveness in decreasing the body’s biological age significantly (by as much as 13.5 years in fact).

A widely-reported study carried out by Dr Oyinola Oyebode of University College London last year proved that the risk of premature death from any cause, and at any age, decreases as fruit and vegetable consumption increases, adding weight to the argument that the 5 portions of fruit and veg currently recommended by the government should actually be raised rather than being an aspiration.  All the more reason, then, for this daily goal to feature in everyone’s resolutions every New Year. “The UCL study also highlights the fact that the more important member of the fruit-and-veg partnership is, in fact, veg” says Xenca’s Training Director Caroline Goleczka, “because, whilst fruit is unquestionably good for health, it is also high in sugar.  This is why the majority of the 22 ingredients we use in our Five a Day+V supplement are dark, leafy, green plants.  Realistically, these sorts of ingredients are often not at the top of people’s list of favourite foods. So our recommendation is to include as much daily fresh produce on your plate as you reasonably can; then make up the shortfall with our high quality green food blend for as little as 38p a day.”


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