Catching up with Laurence Shahlaei, ‘Britain’s Strongest Man’, for a coffee and a chat

It’s great to have a relationship with such a professional athlete and his genteel character shows itself when we are interrupted for autographs and people coming up to congratulate him.

Laurence mentioned the fact the he has now lifted the 100Kg Dumbbell Press for the first time in 18 months – see video on Facebook.

That’s partly thanks to Xenca Collagen Revitalise. After his shoulder injury he was unable to lift even his arm above his head, but he is now back to full fitness and lifting what is MY WHOLE BODY WEIGHT with one arm!!!!!


Loz is working towards the Giant’s Live British Open Championship which will be held on Saturday 15th March at the Doncaster Dome, where he will fight to defend his title in his bid to be crowned Britain’s Strongest Man for the 3rd year running…


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